Mason Sanders,
Environmental Scientist

Sr. Project Manager / Amarillo Team Lead


  • BS Environmental Science, West Texas A&M University, [May 2014]
  • Individual Asbestos Consultant IAC105877
  • Mold Assessment Consultant MAC1940



As an Environmental Scientist, Mason has participated in numerous soil, soil vapor, and groundwater investigations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, providing management and field command of onsite investigations and remediation services. His responsibilities included well design and construction, plug and abandon reports, development of soil and monitoring well logs, preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and sample handling and management protocols, fluid level monitoring, surficial soil, and sediment sampling, aquifer hydraulic testing, and remedial product removal from affected sites.

Mason has also acted as a Health and Safety Officer, conducting regular safety meetings, performing audits and reviews, and administering Health and Safety Plans (HASP). He holds several key licenses for asbestos-related services and has been involved with various surveys, inspections, remediation design projects, and abatement projects for federal facilities, universities and public schools, apartment and housing complexes, hotels, and other commercial properties.

As Senior Project Manager with R2M Engineering, Mason focuses on business development and markets R2M’s asbestos consulting services. In coordination with technicians and administrative support staff, he is directly involved with multiple aspects of asbestos-related projects, including preliminary investigations, baseline surveys and sampling, development of project specifications, submittal of procurement and pre-qualification requirements for subcontractor selection, management and direction of field staff, regulatory analysis, management and disposal of hazardous materials, and submittal of project closeout documents. Mason also runs R2M’s in-house Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) laboratory for air monitoring analysis.

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