Meet Riley


Engineering Assistant


Riley  works on development, site design, and general engineering. Riley is from Utah and
studied at Brigham Young University where he earned his degree in Civil
Engineering. He recently added a couple more credentials to his profile when he
passed the Professional Engineer exam. He used the NCES materials extensively
to help him study. However, he attributes most of his success to the notebook
that contained his previously worked out problems.




“I wouldn’t want to do it again, but I’m happy it’s over,” Riley
said about the feelings he had over passing the exam. “If you put the time
upfront, it’s not necessarily a difficult test.”







What’s next?




Now that it’s over, Riley can focus on all of his other projects.
He’s currently working on site designs for a yoga studio, a 500-acre plot in
New Deal, and a residential development in Cooper. If that’s not enough to keep
him busy, he has a couple of projects coming up soon. The one he’s most excited
for is his work with Texas Tech University Health Science Center that includes
reconstruction and helping produce a 10-year plan for the parking lots and the
interior roads.




His work life is not his only source of excitement. Riley
and his wife, who’s a pediatrician, are expecting their first child.  Soon he’ll have some extra company as he
spends time outdoors doing what he enjoys, fishing and hunting.




If you have any questions or inquiries regarding Engineering projects, contact Riley at