Although uncomfortable, the question, “What is the price of an employee’s life?” comes up regularly on the job site and even-though you might not be looking at it in those words… OSHA, insurance, and the lawyers, will.

On Oct. 21, 2016, a construction worker in California entered a drainage shaft to clean out mud and debris. He descended 10 feet into the shaft, but lost consciousness due to the oxygen-deficient atmosphere. Indication are, that he fell from the bucket of the mini crawler crane he was being lowered in, and fell 40 feet; ultimately, drowning in one foot of water. He was not provided with fall protection or an air supplied respirator. On May 15, 2017 OSHA closed its investigation fining the employee’s company $337,700 and the sub-contractor $14,870. Had the company trained and outfitted him appropriately; they would have been able to save the life of a good employee; still have a good name; and have only spent a minimum of $260 in Fall Protection Training and equipment.

Don’t wait for the fines. They can be costly in more ways than just money. On May 24th, we will be having an open enrollment class for Fall Protection. The cost is $130 and the course is taught with interactive elements to ensure everyone leaves with a solid understanding of proper Fall Protection and Prevention. Please join us in our initiative to keep employees safe, reduce accidents, and reduce the occurrence of costly fines on your job site.