Mock OSHA Safety Audits & Inspection

When properly conducted, a mock OSHA safety audit & inspection can help to identify and correct regulatory deficiencies, which, in turn, can improve workplace safety and help reduce liability. R2M Engineering’s highly qualified safety and health consultants can help identify potential costly violations and make sure your employees are working safely.

Purpose of an Audit & Inspection:

  • Identify what safety and health regulations apply to your company and to your specific industry
  • Audit and identify what safety and health programs are deficient with current safety and health regulations
  • Determine whether workplace safety requirements, company policies and operating procedures regarding compliance, are being followed
  • Assess management systems currently in place to ensure OSHA compliance. An audit may also look at and evaluate the methods and recordkeeping systems used to achieve OSHA compliance
  • Audit your company’s training logs, new hire training records and illness and injury logs
  • Inspect your facility’s workplace for potential OSHA violations. An inspection will also help evaluate how effectively the OSHA compliance management system is relaying these compliance requirements to the employees
  • Determine what changes and updates, if any, are needed to improve the safety and compliance of the workplace the audit and inspection process can also be an opportunity to demonstrate your company’s commitment to compliance

OSHA Inspections

OSHA can be prompted to visit your facility or workplace for many reasons including employee complaint, a program inspection or even a friendly tip from your competitor. R2M Engineering is prepared to respond to assist clients with OSHA inspections. This service can make the OSHA visit less nerve racking especially if you have never experienced an OSHA inspection.

Let R2M Engineering assist from start to finish or through any of the following stages of an OSHA inspections:

  • On-Site Inspection- Let our experts assist you during the on-site OSHA inspection. We can easily inform you what to expect when an OSHA inspector is at your front door. We can assist you with understanding your rights and the do’s and don’ts. We can answer any questions the inspector may have in order to minimize or prevent costly fines
  • Compliance Demonstration & Records Request- After OSHA has visited your facility or workplace OSHA may request certain documentation at the time of the inspection or after they have returned to the office and evaluated their notes. R2M Engineering can assist you with the process and help you understand the records request and prepare an appropriate response
  • OSHA citations-Having trouble understanding why OSHA cited you for certain items. We can help you ferret out the regulation for which OSHA cited your alleged violations and assist by determining if the alleged violation has merit and help with an appropriate response to each alleged violation
  • Informal Hearing-This is a great opportunity to meet with the OSHA office regional director, to get clarification for the alleged violation, abate the issue, reduce the seriousness of the alleged violation and/or even reduce the total fine associated with the alleged violation
  • Abatement Projects and Corrective Actions: R2M Engineering can assist you with employee training, program development, job safety analysis or any other corrective action deemed appropriate for the alleged violation