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Fall Protection Competent Person Training

This course covers OSHA’s fall requirements for Construction and General Industry workers (29 CFR 1926, Subpart M and 29 CFR 1910, Subpart D). In this class, students will learn the different types of fall risks and hazards; how to analyze and prepare for working conditions; and how the OSHA fall protection requirement applies to their work environments. Our classes are a mixture of academic and interactive learning to ensure each student fully comprehends the subject of Fall Protection. After successfully completing our class each student will be presented with a Fall Protection certification card good for one year from the date of the class.

Program Topics:

  • Need for Fall Prevention and Protection
    • Fall Protection statistics
  • Hazard Analysis
    • Recognition of hazards
    • Control measures
    • Q&A w/instructor about known hazards in the workplace
  • Different Fall Prevention/Protection Systems
  • General Principles of Fall Protection
    • Fall Arrest
    • Positioning
    • Suspension
    • Rescue Plans
    • Retrieval
    • Minimizing fall forces (live demonstrations)
  • Competent person
    • Who’s Qualified
  • Walking Working Surfaces
    • Duty to have fall protection
    • Falling objects protection
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems (Hands-on exercises)
    • Inspection procedures
    • Donning procedures
    • Fit test
    • Selection, application, and care of equipment
  • Who should attend:
    • Any employees exposed to fall hazards or supervisors with fall hazards in their work environments should attend this class.
  • OSHA Fall Protection quick facts for employers
    • Fall Protection must be provided for each employee on a walking/working surface with an unprotected side or edge at the height required by the OSHA standard applicable to their work environment.
  • Management is required to:
  • Develop, implement and commit to a fall protection program
  • Provide training on the fall protection program
  • Evaluate the program on a regular basis to ensure the program’s effectiveness and determine whether it needs to be changed or updated
  • Employers are required to assess the workplace to determine if the walking/working surfaces on which employees are to work have the strength and structural integrity to safely support workers. Once employers have determined that the surface is safe for employees to work on, the employer must select one of the options listed for the work operation if a fall hazard is present.
  • Where protection is required, select fall protection systems appropriate for given situations.
  • Use proper construction and installation of safety systems.
  • Supervise employees properly.
  • Train workers in the proper selection, use, and maintenance of fall protection systems.



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R2M Engineering is a HUB & DBE Certified Firm that specializes in OSHA safety training and civil & environmental engineering & compliance counseling.