R2M President David Moreno explains the importance of air permitting during an environmental compliance audit.

Complying with the many environmental regulations that affect your business can be burdensome and overwhelming. In fact, even diligent business owners can often be unaware of all the environmental regulations that can impact their business. Environmental regulations can impact a business in a variety of ways, from waste management and disposal requirements to the operation and management of your petroleum storage tank.

Compliance with environmental regulations is often demonstrated by maintaining proper documentation and recordkeeping. Even if a business maintains the required documentation and recordkeeping, these records may still be deficient if they are not maintained in the proper manner or do not contain adequate information to demonstrate compliance. Environmental compliance audits are a good way for a business to determine whether it is adequately complying with applicable regulations.

R2M Engineering has over 20 years of combined experience providing environmental compliances audits to a variety of businesses and industries. Our environmental compliance audits start with a site visit and walkthrough of your business. As a part of the site visit, R2M Engineering also gathers and reviews all pertinent data and records including permits, emission calculations, operational data, regulatory reports, monitoring information, and compliance history. Once we have reviewed your facility and accompanying records, a regulatory applicability analysis is performed to identify the federal, state, and local regulations applicable to your facility. Based on this information, we develop a compliance plan that indicates the areas where your business is deficient or non-compliant and provide recommended corrective actions to bring your facility into compliance. R2M Engineering can provide comprehensive environmental compliance audits across all media types (air, water, and waste), or we can provide a targeted compliance audit that address a specific area or need. In addition to providing you with a compliance plan, R2M Engineering can also help you with bringing your business into compliance by assisting you with recordkeeping and reporting requirements. Whether you are a small business owner unsure of which environmental regulations affect your business or the EHS manager for your company and need a second opinion, please call us to discuss your environmental compliance audit needs.