Our Air Permitting Services Include:

  • Title V Federal Operating Permits (FOP) Initial Issuance
  • Title V FOP Renewals and Revisions
  • Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Reviews and Air Permits
  • New Source Review (NSR) Pre-Construction and Operating Air Permits
  • NSR Air Permit Renewals, Alterations, and Amendments
  • Non-Attainment NSR Reviews and Permits
  • Standard Permits
  • Permit-by-Rule (PBR)
  • SCREEN Modeling and Analysis
  • Air Permitting Record Keeping and Compliance Reporting


What is Air Permitting?

Air permitting has become a necessary part of doing business for many companies. Many activities and processes that were previously unregulated now require authorization from local, state, and/or federal authorities. An air permit is essentially a legally enforceable document that authorizes a business to perform an activity or utilize a process that may emit a regulated air pollutant. It can also regulate how the activity or process is performed. An air permit can affect many facets of an activity or process. This includes what types of products a business can use, the placement of process equipment, the hours of operation, and the implementation of control devices required to meet minimum state and/or federal standards. Air permits can have such a large impact on your business, it is important to properly evaluate your air permitting needs.

Ask the Air Permitting Professionals

R2M Engineering has over 20 years of combined experience assisting businesses with their air permitting needs. We have extensive experience in obtaining Permits by Rule, New Source Review Permits, and Federal Operating Permits for a wide variety of businesses and industries. R2M Engineering works closely with our clients to ensure we accurately assess their air permitting needs.

In addition to obtaining air permits for new facilities, we can also help existing businesses renew, alter, or amend their current air permits. Whether you are in the process of beginning a business or you are an existing facility already in operation, please call us to discuss your air permitting needs.

Air Permitting Texas